About Us Page Writer

Struggling to write your company profile?

Undoubtedly, getting your “About Us” page right is notoriously difficult. It’s so hard to talk about yourself and get your brand story across, without boring your customers or, worse, sounding completely arrogant.

That’s not even considering making sure your “About Us” page beats your competitors’ efforts too!

Why is the About page so important?

What’s the most important page on your website? Of course, the page that brings you the most return is the most important, but don’t underestimate the value of your “About Us” page.

Check your analytics and you’ll often see your About page hovering in the top 5 most visited pages, and there’s a good reason for that – it builds trust with your customer and tells them what you’re all about.

The best “About Us” pages all have this in common:

  • They tell your company story
  • They’re professional, but sound human
  • They share your values and your mission statement
  • They describe your ideal customer
  • They are unique to the brand
  • They let your customer know you’re here to help

… all this, without a hint of sales messaging. Get it right, and your “About” page can be one of the most effective sales tools on your website.

How to write an effective About page

Having someone outside your business craft your messaging for this page is a wise investment.

Outsource a writer for your “About Us” page and they will take an objective look at your brand and work with you, asking you the right questions to produce an accurate, relatable and humble “About Us” page that gets to the heart of your brand.

How it works



We’ll have an initial chat and/or questionnaire – whatever suits you best – where I’ll get to know your business story, your challenges and your goals.



I’ll get writing an authentic “About Us” page that sounds just like your business talking, while making Google happy with all the on-page SEO taken care of.



Once written, I will send over the content in a format of your choice and you’ll get to proofread and ask for any amends until it’s ready to go live.

Work with me

I love writing “About Us” pages! I love hearing how businesses get started and what they stand for, and enjoy turning these values into brand stories that showcase the best of the biz.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you get started on creating an “About Us” page to be proud of.