Top Digital Marketing Podcasts to Listen to

Want to improve your online marketing skills in 2020? Treat your ears to a digital marketing podcast brought to you by marketing experts.

Treat your ears to a digital marketing podcast brought to you by tried-and-tested experts in the fields of paid advertising, copywriting and SEO. They’re easy to consume, full of the latest innovations and insights and accessible for any level of marketer.

Best Digital Marketing Podcasts 2020

Because professional development is kind of a big deal, I’ve learnt that podcasts really do have an impact on my digital marketing skills. From snappier copy to effectively optimising my paid advertising campaigns, I’m a proud podcast-aholic. And they’re free. As a former ‘professional freebie hunter’, that fact alone is music to my ears.

I’m not one for an audiobook, being an avid reader who always sides with the physical print copy over anything technical, so I naively thought my approach to the podcast would be the same.

But, I took the podcast plunge around a year ago, and feel all the smarter and in-the-know for it. The beauty of them is that you can enjoy them wherever, whenever, which means they’ve become a commute boredom buster, a lunchtime listen and something to accompany my attempts at baking at the weekend.

Like keeping up with your favourite drama on the box, my favourite podcasts leave me hooked, in anticipation for the next tip. Without sounding too intense, the hosts almost feel like old friends now, or at least that teacher I admired at school. The successful ones all manage to convey a tone that’s both relatable and authoritative.

Also, they just get the structure right. Not too long, but not too short. Not hesitant, but not reading off a script. The acoustics are right. (Generally) no off-putting background noises. An overall professional setup.

As a digital marketer and copywriter, my list includes shows from a broader SEO and marketing perspective, as well as a few that focus more specifically on copywriting.

Top 5 copywriting and marketing podcasts

  1. Hot Copy – Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver. My OG marketing podcast, Hot Copy is a copywriting podcast with plenty of tips and resources, and a lot of laughs. Getting to tap into Kate and Belinda’s own copywriting experiences has made me feel reassured about my own work since starting out in copywriting. Stand-out episodes include one on crafting the perfect copy deck, and Sean D’Souza’s interview (E43) on storytelling.
  2. The Art of Online Business – Rick Mulready. Formally known as ‘The Art of Paid Traffic’, Rick Mulready covers Facebook ads and online business strategy. I love this podcast, simply because it’s extremely actionable. I can’t believe (but am extremely grateful!) that Rick Mulready gives all he does away on his podcast, which predominately focuses on Facebook advertising. His Quick Tip episodes are invaluable, waffle-free 15 minutes of top marketing advice too. For those starting out in paid social, I would definitely recommend.
  3. The Copywriter Club – Kira Hug and Rob Marsh. Listen to this one for the most insightful guest interviews. Kira and Rob are great at making the most out of their guests, really digging into their backstories and how they got into copywriting. Some of the best interviews haven’t even been with ‘traditional’ copywriters, proving how necessary the ability to write good copy is in pretty much every industry! My favourite guest? Copywriter Joel Klettke. He’s been on a couple of times (most recently here) and always has plenty of tips to share based on his own experiences.
  4. Social Media Marketing – Michael Stelzner. It’s a jungle out there, after all! Brought to you by Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner’s regular podcast features the latest trends and insights into the world of social media, again, mostly focussing on Facebook. The show features guests from around the world, from different sectors, sharing their experiences with social media marketing. Expect tips on paid advertising, customer engagement, and discussion on the latest changes made my the social platforms. He also shares a new discovery of the week at the start of each episode, usually a new app or website, which I always end up checking out, especially the free ones!
  5. The Recipe for SEO Success Show – Kate Toon. Because one Kate Toon podcast isn’t enough on my list, The Recipe for SEO Success also comes highly recommended. A newer podcast than the rest of the list, but full of actionable tips and fantastic guest interviews with ‘real people’ (see the ‘Reality SEO’ series, starring small business owners bravely cultivating their own SEO success) and SEO experts alike. Traditionally, SEO-chat is jargon-filled, unreliable and, at times, completely nonsensical and outdated, so Kate makes a highly appreciated impact by demystifying the babble.

I’m an avid reader, so I love a good blog post to learn new tips and tricks. That said, these podcasts have definitely taught me a lot about digital marketing over the last few years – tips that I have then gone onto successfully implement in clients’ marketing campaigns, so if you’re an audio-phobe, I’d say give a podcast a go!