Spotted: New “DM Me” Sticker on Instagram

A month after launching the Challenge Sticker, Instagram have introduced a new DM Me sticker to make Instagram Stories even more engaging.

So, the “DM Me” button is probably no surprise to those who keep up with the IG rumour mill, but it’s now officially here.

What is the new Instagram Sticker?

You can now add this button to your Instagram Story, whether you’re on a business or personal profile, allowing those who watch to easily click and send you a message.

Understandably, I’ve seen some users are a bit sceptical about it, suggesting that it might invite spammers and bots to pester your Instagram inbox.

What’s the best way of using the “DM Me” sticker?

I can see this being useful for businesses who want to make their Stories more actionable.

You could use this to promote a product, placing this button to prompt customers to click to enquire.

It’s especially useful for brands that don’t have 10,000 followers and/or not paying for promoted Stories, as they don’t have the swipe up function available to them as their call-to-action.

The button also provides another way for influencers and businesses to show they’re here for their audience and available to talk during such a difficult time for many.

Last month, Instagram launched the Challenge sticker as a response to the social media trends seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, where users were filming themselves doing various challenges and competitions to raise awareness for various causes, then asking their followers to try the challenge for themselves.

How to use the new Instagram sticker

To use the new “DM Me” sticker on your next Instagram Story, simply click the on the stickers icon, which looks a bit like a post-it note, that can be found on the top-right menu and you should see the “DM Me” sticker option pop up amongst the other choices. Just click it and drag to where you’d like to add it.

You can edit the text above it to anything you like, and you can change the colour from pre-selected options by tapping the multicoloured circle that should appear at the top of the screen.

Whatever your thoughts, it’s clear that Facebook is still committed to enhancing the Stories experience by regularly containing to add new stickers and other features. They’ve also recently updated their Creator Studio mobile app, launched Shops and Facebook Avatar – so there’s lots going on at Facebook HQ!

Update: Since this post was published, Instagram has also launched new font styles for use in Instagram Stories and “Food Order” and “Gift Card” stickers for businesses to use.

What do you think? Essential addition or a feature you won’t be using?