What Does Google’s May Core Update Mean For You?

Google has announced that its May Core Update is rolling out over the next few weeks… but what does this mean? Find out more about the changes here.

Every few months, Google will launch core search ranking algorithm updates and May’s is the second this year.

Google aims to keep their algorithms fresh, with updates making sure that relevant content is moved up higher in the rankings.

As the updates haven’t paused during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that the updates will instead reflect the changes in users’ search behaviours over the last months by helping move content up the rankings that relate to topics now being searched.

For example, we’re reading up about the virus itself and how to do things at home.

Just a quick look on Google Trends confirms this too, with a special section dedicated to our global Coronavirus searches.

Search changes on Google for COVID-19

This also means that “less relevant” content can be negatively affected by an update too – moving down the rankings to make way for the good stuff.

Think about the things we’re not currently searching for in the same way:

  • Holidays and travel
  • Gigs and shows
  • Local venues

What can you do if your rankings are lowered?

Keep an eye on your content over the next few weeks and identify opportunities to tweak. Make sure your info about COVID-19, if relevant, is easy to find on your website.

And remember, you might find your content “goes back to normal” when the world begins to…

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Here are some resources if you want to read more about the latest update: