Getting Started with Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads

Have you tried dynamic creative ads on Facebook yet? Here’s how they work if you’re new to the optimising tool within Ads Manager.

What are Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads?

Dynamic creative aims to simplify your advertising by testing and automatically delivering different versions of your creative assets to find the best ad depending on who it’s served to.

Facebook's description of dynamic creative

As Facebook states here, dynamic creative makes it easy to:

  • Find high-performing combinations of creative components for your campaign and drive performance
  • Launch ads with multiple combinations of creative assets quickly
  • Deliver the best creative for each campaign audience and ad placement

How to use Dynamic Creative Ads

Using Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads setting is easy, as it does most of the work for you. Simply upload your creative elements and write some headlines and Facebook will automatically generate the best performing combinations to show your audience.

Creating a Facebook Dynamic Ad is easy.

You supply the creatives (up to 10 images and/or videos) and the copy (up to 5 headlines, body text, descriptions and CTAs) when you are creating the ad, from which Facebook will then automatically generate creative ad combinations that are optimised for your audience and placement.

Plus, by allowing additional optimisations at the ad level, Facebook will automatically crop your image, create videos from your images, apply a Stories template or create a Stories carousel based on what you supply, if its technology thinks it’ll improve the ad performance.

This feature isn’t brand new but is now being pushed more heavily by Facebook during the ad creation process – even at ad set level.

Which campaign types can use Dynamic Creative ads?

Luckily, the most common campaign types – the best ones for your business – can make use of Dynamic Creative Ads:

  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Video Views
  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness
  • App Install

Next steps

If you have some test budget to spare, why not give these ads a go? Businesses around the world have reported success with this new-ish tool. While it not as simple as boosting a Facebook post, it still aims to make creating ads quick and easy.

Ads Manager will show you aggregate results for your ad combinations, so keep an eye on this after a few days (let the ads settle down) before you dig too deep into the results. More detail is available here.

If you take a look at Facebook Ads Manager and feel you need help running your Facebook ads, then please get in touch with me.