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Abby King Copywriter

Hi! 👋 I'm Abby, a Creative Copywriter and Social Media Manager based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

I write clear, concise and effective copy. It's informative and practical. But it's also relatable and engaging. And if words aren't enough, I speak emoji too. 


My bio: Channelling my inner Peggy Olson, I have worked both in-house and in agencies, gaining valuable writing experience by crafting digital content for a range of sectors, including: travel, entertainment, property, technology and food & beverage. I'm a stickler for grammar and can spot a mis-used apostophe at 100 yards, but most of all, I just love telling a story. And leopard print on everything. And coffee.

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Copywriting services

From blog posts to search engine optimised websites (read: just a well-written site with content our friendly search engines love), from organic social post scheduling to entire paid social lead generation campaigns, I can help. 

SEO Copywriting

With my knowledge of the latest digital trends, I create on-brand, benefit-led copy that ticks all those pesky SEO boxes - no 'keyword stuffing' in sight on your site.

Blog Posts

Crafting logical, well-researched and structured blog posts are my thing - no matter what the topic. I love learning something new!

Social Media

Using my aforementioned 'emoji speak' if needed, I can pep up your social media campaigns into a lean, mean, lead generation machine. 

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